Employment Law Consultations

Madison Law, PLLC offers affordable consultation options for employment-related matters:

  • $150 for a 35-minute consultation
    • A 35-minute consultation may be ideal for:
      • An employee or former employee who has questions about their employer’s activities, and
      • They want to discuss their rights and options for addressing their employer’s wrongful conduct.
    • A 30-minute consultation will suffice for many people who have general questions, or if they have been terminated and want to pursue a claim against their former employer.
  • $300 for a 70-minute strategy session or consultation
    • A 70-minute consultation or strategy session may be appropriate for:
      • An employee who wants to discuss more complex issues about their employer;
      • An employee who has a lengthy history of employer violations to discuss; or
      • An employee who desires a more in depth discussion on strategies they can use to address their employer’s wrongful conduct.
    • A strategy session is useful for someone who is still employed and wants to discuss actions they can take to help protect themselves in case of further wrongful conduct or escalation of matters by their employer.

Consultations are conducted online via Zoom video conferencing or over the phone.  Our consultations and strategy sessions do not include review of contracts, employer policies, or other employment-related materials. We offer separate packages for these services. (See: Employee Contracts and Severance Agreements)

Our consultations are by appointment only and slots fill quickly. Contact Us today to book yours.

Affordable Consultations with

Flexible Payment Options.

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Flexible Payment Options

Madison Law, PLLC offers a variety of payment options for your convenience:

  • We accept credit card and e-check payments.  You may pay online or over the phone.
  • We offer flat-fee, hourly, and hybrid payment arrangements for employment cases.
  • We also accept a limited number of cases on a contingency-fee basis.  Under this arrangement, you pay no additional fees unless we negotiate a settlement on your behalf.
  • A more detailed description of our payment options can be found here: Employment Law FAQ

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