Insurance Claims

Insurance Claim

If you believe that your insurance claim was unfairly denied or that your insurance company acted unreasonably, you may still be able to pursue your claim and assert your rights.  Madison Law, PLLC can review the specifics of your matter, and help determine if there is enough evidence to bring a bad faith insurance claim against your insurer.  Bad faith insurance claims can be made for a variety of reasons and may entitle you to extra-contractual damages from your insurer.  We can also provide you with advice on specific steps you can take to strengthen your case.

Insurance Claims May Include:

  • Failure to investigate a claim in a proper and reasonable manner
  • Withholding benefits without cause
  • Delaying payment of claims for an unreasonable length of time
  • Denying coverage
  • Denying payment on claims
  • Underpaying claims
  • Undervaluing a claim
  • Unfairly refusing to settle and/or reimburse claims
  • Abusive or unreasonable claims process
  • Unjust cancellation of your insurance policy

Do not accept unfair treatment from the insurance company.  If you have a dispute with your insurance provider regarding a life, auto, or property insurance policy, let Madison Law, PLLC fight for you!

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